by Ebene 3


It´s all a matter of heavy beats, funked up grooves with a little soul and stories to be told…

All members of Superflow have individually come a long way with a load of different musical projects and collaborations, playing live and writing songs. But this one is their keeper, the 2018 update of what they used to be.

Benjamin Köhler - Lead Vocals

Heiko Pfeiffer - Guitar, Vocals, Trombone

Bene Moser - Keyboards

Tobi Bodensiek - Bass

Christoph Scherer - Percussions

Marcel Gustke - Drums

Event info

  • 01/19/2019
  • 20:30, Europe/Berlin
  • Ebene 3 im K3
    Berliner Platz 12
    74072 Heilbronn

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