About us

Who are we?

With the founding of the IT and software company NavaTec GmbH in 2015 our dream to create something big manifested for the first time. Already in the early lifecycle of our company, more and more people who believed in our goals joined us. Little by little a mindset was built from our conjunct thoughts that fit together like a puzzle – waiting for its implementation. Out of this Keyvent was forged and already exists in its alpha state after one year of development.

What is Keyvent?

Keyvent is an online ticketing system for all kind of events combining social features and other extras which will be communicated very soon. The focus and the design of the user experience lies both on event managers and ticket buyers. The creation of the events as well as buying and payment are supposed to be easy and time saving.

What is special about Keyvent?

The various opportunities of usability and an easy handling make Keyvent special. The whole event creation is free of charge. You only pay a commission of 4.9% of the ticket selling price plus €0.49 per sold ticket (note: for events with seat selection it is 4.9% + €0.99). There are no further costs for free tickets or tickets that were not sold. Scanning also doesn’t cost you anything with our free Keyvent App. All in all: no basic charge, no hidden costs, no contractual commitment. If you are interested please feel free to start at any time and in case you need help just contact (link zu Kontakt) our customer service!

Transparency and the satisfaction of our customers are our highest priorities. Convince yourself.

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+49 7131 4057716